Peace of mind for your home technology

Peace of mind for your home technology

technology support

Technology Support you can count on

Technology systems occasionally experience disruptions. We want to keep things simple and provide support if your systems experience any of these disruptions. From proactively monitoring and fixing your system remotely to enabling you to reset your own system easily, we have you covered.

Experience Our Benefits

remote repair

Your system will be accessed remotely and oftentimes repaired without a service call.

remote repair

You'll get a mobile app enabling you to fix many of the common issues that technology systems experience.

remote repair

We're available to communicate with you in whichever manner best fits your lifestyle.

remote repair

In the unlikely event that a service call must be scheduled, you'll receive a preferred rate.

What we monitor

What can we monitor?

Whether most of your network connected devices are up and running.

Health of many connected AV devices and light switches (availability may vary depending on manufacturer).

Internet up/down state and average upload/download speeds.

What we monitor
What we monitor

What can't we monitor?

Quality of audio/video (a connected network media player may show as online but the audio or video may still be experiencing issues).

Different apps or services within connected network devices (i.e. Netflix not working or Pandora producing an error message within a functioning Apple TV or Sonos player).

Toasters, wicker baskets, toilets, major home appliances (yet), pets, kids, plant life or threats from zombies.

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Home Automation

The ultimate upgrade for luxury homes, smart automation allows you to transform every space at the push of a button or single voice command. Effortlessly enhance interior design, increase security, and promote the perfect atmosphere throughout your property. Envision window treatments that adjust at pre-set times to reduce glare and protect fine art and delicate fabrics from harmful direct sunlight. Picture hallway lights that automatically illuminate as you walk through at night. Visualize a room that creates the perfect lighting, temperature, and music instantly at the push of a button. With smart home automation, your house is always ready to respond to your needs.